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Learning Through COVID-19 (free kids activity book)

If you have been wondering how to teach your kids about the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, here’s your chance to redeem a limited edition book about COVID-19.

Free for Singaporean residents, PeopleUp Singapore have produced an activity book called “Learning through Covid-19”. This free educational book details the country’s efforts to combat the virus with illustrations and activities. against the virus through custom illustrations and multiple activities for a fun time!

As limited copies are available, each household is only entitled to 1 free copy of the activity book and you have to top up a fee for additional books.

The book details explanations about the COVID-19 virus, how to protect against it, creative thinking questions about how to tackle COVID-19, as well as a design your own mask contest.

The book is free for anyone who is open to speak to an insurance provider, otherwise you can pay S$4.99 to cover the delivery fees of receiving the book. Considering that the book is 50 pages and full of activities, it is a fairly decent price to cover the design, printing and delivery costs.

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