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Homeschooling/Sunday School Apps and Activities during COVID-19

With the COVID-19 situation, we have been in some form of lockdown or as they call it here “circuit breaker” since early April. While Baobao has been homeschooling for awhile, these new restrictions have changed the way her daily activity and learning is held.

Typically both of us work but with the lockdown we are both working from home (on an adjusted schedule), just that one of us is working in essential services which makes things quite challenging. Being at home means that Baobao would want to play with us throughout working hours and that her homeschooling has now become a little more structured.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Baobao would have a mix of games, art, activities that was adjusted daily and according to her milestone development which recently revolved around puzzles, problem solving and anything catered for 3 to 4 year olds based on her advancement.

Just after our visit to the gifted preschool, we saw samples of their curriculum which taught advancement using logic puzzles. During one of her quieter days, she was provided with a toddler sudoku puzzle (16 grid with 4 empty grids) which she solved on her own. We gave her a real vs. pretend logic puzzle but she said it was too easy to solve.

Puzzles and Worksheets

Based on that, I decided to print a few more Sudoku puzzles and other Bible worksheets since we wouldn’t be able to go to Sunday School for awhile. Honestly I wanted to make my own resources but that would take up too much time.

I also popped by a kids bookstore opposite my office and got my hands on three Kumon activity books. Although we don’t subscribe to any one learning method for e.g. Heguru, Kumon, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, we use resources from any provider that fits with what we are looking for.

I bought the logic puzzle book for pre-K which covers logical problem solving using comparisons, pattern recognition, reality vs. imagination and deduction. Baobao pretty much went through the whole Level 1 worksheets within a few minutes of looking through it. Yikes.

The pasting book and the cutting and pasting jigsaw book are slightly different. The former consists of cutting off pieces to paste it over the empty spot of a picture or over something to be solved in the worksheet – which bore her after a few uses. The latter is essentially jigsaw puzzles that you have to cut and paste to assemble.

Learning Apps

Her scheduled screen time during the day is usually when I am at my busiest during working hours so that she can sit down and learn if no one is available to play.


I mentioned in a previous post that we use StudyCat for language learning and exposure. Current requirements for second language are quite relaxed now so although it is not pressing for us to teach languages, the exposure is good to help keep the interest.

Khan Academy Kids

Only available on the app store, Khan Academy Kids comes frequently recommended in the poppy/gifted Facebook groups I am in. The app has original content in the form of videos, stories, painting, colouring, letters, numbers, puzzles and more to cover children from 2 to 7 years old.

Khan Academy Kids characters that learn along with you

What I love about the app is that while you can set the profile and age of your child (I set it at 4 – she is currently 2 years 8 months), within the app you can change the age level of the activities based on category to cater to your child’s learning speed. We’ve currently set most tabs to Preschool 4 or Kindergarten but have 123 (numbers) set at Preschool 3.

Bible Stories / Sunday School

Baobao didn’t take too well to the Bible craft worksheets as she is more of an audio visual learner when it comes to Sunday School. Our church uses the Treasure Box SG lessons each week which was a little hard to follow as it is all video based. Currently I use some of their praise and worship songs but also taught her a few classic Sunday School songs using YouTube and this particular channel.

I personally love to use YouVersion’s Bible app and found that they made a kids version as well. Bible App For Kids is an interactive bible that reads to you and contains pages of the story where you can play with the characters. At the end of the story there are activities like quizzes, colouring worksheets and more. It’s not censored for children so they do mention murder and sin. I thought it was a little old for a toddler Baobao’s age but she managed to remember some stories from it.

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