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Baobao’s Language Development (baby’s first 100+ words before 1.5 years old)

When Baobao was 10 months old, I started tracking the number of words she could say which had a meaning. I saw various posts of others tracking their child’s first words and thought it would be fun to track for our own knowledge. I originally planned to track and stop after a few months once it got boring but at the rate the words were coming in, I just kept at it until it hit near 18 months which crossed the mark of the average number of words a typical baby says. Decided to share as it is interesting to see how language is picked up and the type of words learned.

We had decided not to teach signs but just to speak instead. She is taken care of by my parents in the day so some of her earlier words were trying to verbalise what to call them. The words are mostly English, with a few in Mandarin and Malay.

This includes all spoken words (real or that she made up) that she used in reference to the person/object/situation. I’ve only added words heard by me and my husband – occasionally there are more words that she uses with my parents but not with us if there’s no context or opportunity for her to use. There are a handful of words she kept using to refer to something but we never figured out what it was.

First 15 months word chart

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