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Update: Offspring Natural is now in Singapore

While on the hunt for the perfect diaper, I came across Offspring Natural, a Malaysian brand. I had previously tried Applecrumby & Fish, also from Malaysia but found that it did not absorb pee very well, it retained some of the wetness which Baobao insisted on changing every 2 hours during the daytime. It was great for explosive poo but not very good with holding pee for long hours.

I decided to try Offspring Natural simply because of the price point and sample packs are a great way to start. Unfortunately I had to pay for the sample pack as well as shipping to Singapore.

Offspring Natural product box

I ordered the Ultra-Thin Diaper trial pack, Fashion Diaper trial pack, and Ultra-Thin Pants trial pack. Each trial pack costs RM9.43 and came with a 20 sheet packet of wet wipes.

I love that the Fashion Diapers (6 pcs) were really cute and both the Fashion Diapers & Ultra-Thin Diapers (4 pcs) were good in terms of absorbency. The cutting however did not fit Baobao and were a little narrow and long while she is wider. This is an issue I found with a lot of diaper brands when it came to finding a good one. I have yet to try the Training Pants (3 pcs) as we had not started her on pants at that point in time (October 2017).

Offspring Natural baby wipes Offspring Natural baby wipes description

What I loved most from Offspring Natural is the wet wipes! They are thick without being overly wet but able to retain the moisture well in terms of cleaning. I felt it was a little thick for diapering but as a general body wipe it is really good quality and all natural.

Amount Spent:
RM$28.29 + RM$30 to ship to Singapore


Actual Value:
I think S$20 is a small sum to pay for 13 pcs of diapers and 60 sheets of wet wipes. That sums up to $0.27 per diaper/wipe which is about twice the price of an actual diaper. If you do get the actual full sized diaper package however, it is definitely way cheaper.

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