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SENSI Diaper Sample (Coupon)

Have a backlog of posts to put up as I was increasingly tired through the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy and just had Baobao a week ago. I am still in the midst of recovery and will be adding posts as often as I am able to.

Received a 2 pack sample of SENSI NB diapers from Diapers Direct.

As stated on their website, “SENSI Baby Diapers’ super absorbent dry core locks fluids and will ensure surface dryness. The soft, non woven outer cover provides improved comfort and modesty. It comes with a plethora of features such as wetness indicator, leak cuff, ADL and more. Giving your baby lasting comfort and dryness.”

The NB diapers were a little too large for Baobao who is around the mid 2kg range though they did hold  up comfortably to the pee and poo test without any leakage. The wetness indicator was a little difficult to gauge especially if pee is clear or light yellow. I had to compare the soiled diaper with the new diaper to check.

You can request for diaper samples via the DiapersDirect website or if you would like to order other diapers from there, use code BaoBaoLife for 8% off.

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