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Honest Company Trial Diapers Kit Review

I came across the Honest Company trial discovery kit which is not available in Singapore. With this trial kit you get to choose to try their diapers, wipes and/or home and cleaning essentials for just the price of shipping. Today’s post will just cover the diaper portion of the trial.

honest company trial diapers box

I chose to add both trials into my package so this came up to quite a hefty sized box. The thing you have to note when signing up for a trial is that they charge you full price for the packages you chose to trial, 7 days after the trial has been shipped out to you. To avoid this, I immediately cancelled the auto-renew once I had completed my checkout.

unboxing honest company trial diapers

I had never heard of Honest Company previously but apparently it was started by Jessica Alba and provides safe products for babies and households. Or so they claim? Just how much chemicals you want in your household is totally up to you but I guess if a company claims to be natural and safe you expect it to be. Totally sidetracking here.

For the diaper pack, it came with a 10 count (or 1 packet) of plant-based wet wipes.

And a vacuum-sealed 7 count of diapers. During checkout you can choose the age range of diapers you want, along with the patterns. To tell the truth, I don’t recall if these are the patterns I chose. I remember choosing a Size 1 (8-13 pounds) age as I expect Baobao will outgrow newborn diapers fast, especially if she comes out at 7 pounds. And since they are pretty diapers, it should be something that can be seen when she is crawling around.

The diapers are really lovely but for the price of disposable diapers it doesn’t come cheap. I would certainly relish letting Baobao wear these on nice days with a cute dress but in the long run I wouldn’t want to pay the cost for patterned organic diapers that are going to go in the bin. There are cloth diapers for that! Whether it’s worth the price tag, that’s up to you to decide.

printed diapers in the honest company trial diapers box

Amount Spent:
US$5.95/S$8.33 shipping to a US address
S$21.38 shipping to Singapore via forwarder (the box is so big and includes the home essentials trial)


Actual Value:
At US$0.35/diaper and US$0.98 per wet wipe pack

If it wasn’t for the unboxing experience, I probably would have asked for this to be repacked for cheaper shipping.

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