baby 3 month old box contents
Baby Subscription Box

Bluum Baby Box (July 2017) 2 month old

Before this 2 month old box was shipped out, Bluum sent an email allowing for selection of the featured item. The original item was a playmat that doubled up as a baby toys bag which I didn’t find too useful.

baby 2 month old box contents

1) Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Flip & Play Turtle – retails for US$9.99/S$19.90

This was the item I swopped the playmat bag out for simply because I don’t have enough toys for Baobao. This simple wooden toy is easy to play with and with two colours should be somewhat entertaining.

2) Baby Legs Legwarmers – retails for US$12/S$16.80

These are newborn sized and extremely adorable. I don’t even mind that they are rockets. Baobao is an active little one since 12 week scans, and getting more active each week. I foresee her moving as swiftly as a rocket.

3) Greenpoint Brands, My Natural, Plant Based Fork & Spoon– retails for US$7.99/S$11.20

Baby’s first cutlery! Though I don’t think you feed solids until around 6 months. This eco-friendly set is:

  • Phthalate Free
  • BPA Free
  • PVC Free
  • Plant Res – Plant-Based Bio-Res
  • 6+ Months
  • Made with Plant Starch
  • Easy Grip Handles

4) Manhattan Toy Whoozit Lots of Love Book – retails for US$18/S$25

This is by far my favourite item of this month’s box.

Fabric books are a must have for little babies. It’s good for learning by catering to their senses. The bookmark at the side is a little rattle.

Just look at the many pages they can squish. On the last page there is a little mirror for baby to see themselves!

Amount Spent:
US$29/S$42 per month for a 6-month subscription
S$7.21 shipping to Singapore via forwarder


Actual Value:

This is actually the most value for money box thus far. Partly because I had a ton of boxes to ship over this month and I asked for a repack of the items into a smaller box to save on shipping fees (yes they threw away the pretty pink Bluum box). Hey, one has to be cost effective!

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