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Walmart Baby Box (May 2017) Newborn 1 month old

Freebies for babies in Singapore are hard to come by unless you attend baby fairs or talks where they give out large goodie bags to the first X number of people who turn up. Most of the time these bags are just filled with samples and not actual products. Being heavily pregnant with Baobao makes it challenging for me to even want to endure the crowd for samples.

Over in the US, they tend to give away tons of things free online or even for a small shipping fee.

Enter baby subscription boxes

I’m only 7 months at the point of this post but have adjusted the subscription of baby boxes to ensure that I receive the boxes at least 2-3 months before Baobao arrives.

I chose the Walmart Baby Box partly because domestic US shipping costs US$5. Excluding the shipping to Singapore. It’s not an exorbitant box and I was curious to see if the value was worth what I paid.

There are no compiled descriptions of the selected products in the box like regular subscription boxes but tons of flyers and coupons for the selected products and others all for usage in US stores. The coupons in the Walmart Baby Box ranged from US$1-3 but as I am unable to use them, I didn’t take a picture.

walmart baby box contents

1) WaterWipes (sample)
2) Dapple Baby Bottle & Dishes Cleaner (sample)
3) Balmex Rash Cream (sample)

To be honest I had never heard of WaterWipes, Dapple Baby or Balmex until I received these samples but apparently the first two are available locally as well.

4) Huggies for Snugglers – Newborn 1pc (sample)
Are these for preemies? It looks really small compared to other diaper samples I have received before. Or are they packed really small? Little Snugglers is not a range I’ve seen so far and Huggies Singapore samples are Huggies Platinum.

5) Aveeno lotion (travel size)
The Aveeno lotion is not specifically for baby’s usage but I have always heard rave reviews of Aveeno.

6) Nuk 0 – 6 months orthodontic pacifier – retails for S$8 locally

I actually already have one Newborn Philips Avent pacifier, two 0-6 months Philips Avent pacifiers and two 6-18 months Philips Avent pacifiers so my first thought was, “Another one? How many pacifiers does Baobao need?”

7) Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottle 4oz – retails for S$13 locally

Honestly I bought a bundle pack from Philips earlier in the year and already have four 4oz bottles from Philips Avent and three 5oz anti-colic bottles from Hegen. And this is excluding the 8oz bottles. These are the equivalent of Philips Avent Natural Bottle here in Singapore.

While the 1 month-old Newborn box is a great starter for unprepared parents, I don’t feel that there was much benefit to me and I may have to give or sell away some of these extras.

Walmart Baby Box Breakdown

Amount Spent:
US$5/S$7.25 for US shipping
S$6.92 shipping to Singapore via forwarder


Actual Value:

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