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Carter’s Baby Clothes Haul

Baby clothes are a pain to buy and prepare for especially when you don’t know what size your baby is going to be. Plus we are not relying on hand me downs as it seems almost everyone we know is giving birth/has given birth this year. There is probably nothing left for us. ????

Some have suggested buying from pre-loved clothes Facebook groups but I feel that usually sellers are more keen to sell/give to needy families and I wouldn’t want to deprive other parents.

Carter’s is known for their adorable baby clothes that are cheap. Doorbuster sales have items set at US$5 per piece before shipping. How much cheaper can you go? Turns out, cheap enough.

I decided to go with Carter’s China ( simply because of import/export fees. Do I really want to pay for something made in China, exported to the US then exported to Singapore? Not a chance.  Aside from the latest collection they also sold clearance bundles.

I bought most of the items direct from the Carter’s China store but decided to get pyjamas through a different Taobao seller that was selling past season’s designs. Always buy past collections to save money! Also, was too lazy to try out other shipping methods like Taobao’s consolidation via forwarders so I decided to use Taobao Direct Ship to Singapore.

None of the items were available on ezbuy Prime otherwise I would have made use of the Prime shipping.

And here is our Taobao haul of 20 pieces of baby clothing.

Clothes 814 RMB
Direct Shipping 58 RMB
Total cost estimate: 872 RMB / S$180 / US$126

That puts it at an average of S$9 / US$6.30 per item despite the fact that some items were not on a very big markdown and still fairly new to the collection.

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