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Crowned Love Baby Cot

I have been eyeing the Stokke Sleepi baby cot for our future baby for a while. With the upcoming arrival of Baobao, we browsed through various cots online but nothing was as outstanding.

For a bed that can sleep your child from birth to 10 years old, the savings and convenience of not having to change it are definitely worth it.

However the exorbitant price tag of S$1,500 (without the extension kit!) was off-putting. Not to mention the cost of the additional accessories that complemented it.

The mattress alone is S$329. 

Enter Taobao.

When it came to our wedding, house renovation and baby products, most of the time we turned to China. It’s the largest manufacturer in the world and if you know where to look, you can get the best quality products for a good deal.

After some searching, a China brand Crowned Love had a perfect copy of my ideal cot.


While the Stokke Sleepi is an oval cot before extension, the Crowned Love Alice cot is perfectly round, thus proving to be a tiny challenge for us in obtaining accessories. But that is for another post.

For the first few months, the extendable part of the cot also functions as a changing table for baby!

  • 1 extendable cot
  • 4 mattress parts to cover 0-10 years
  • 1 mattress cover for 0-3 months
    Total damage including shipping to our door: S$410.22

All we had to do was to assemble it.


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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi! Can I find out where U bought the mattress from? I’m planning to use ezbuy prime to buy and ship from taobao but it seems that only the crib is available. Can’t seem to find the mattress and bedding. How did u get the mattress and bedding? And are the mattress and bedding of good quality?

    1. admin says:

      This was the prime link I used for the mattress and cot set:

      You can go to the seller’s store to add the mattress to prime wishlist if it is unavailable. It comes with one default case for the round mattress without anywhere selling additional.

      For extended cot bedding I bought it custom made

      1. Michelle says:

        Thanks so much! Few more questions:

        1) Is the mattress quality good?
        2) For the first link you gave, am i right to assume it comes with cot, round mattress, additional mattress parts (to make up the oblong shape for 6-36m), bedsheet (for which sized bed?) ?

        1. 1) Not sure how to define if mattress quality is good. It’s firm and baby can sleep on it that’s for sure.
          2) For the first link I gave, previously they offered the cot + mattress + additional mattress parts. Now I’m not sure if they do that but from the reviews on the actual product page it seems like it. Best to check with ezbuy prime. When I bought it it was 2 parts to make up the round mattress and the additional mattress parts in the middle. Bedsheet is custom sized as I mentioned. You have to measure yourself.
          3) They have another version sold with the mattress

          1. Michelle says:

            Thank you so much for your helpful and prompt replies! Happy CNY!

  2. Hi thank you so much for this article. I cannot ready any chinese and it is so difficult to understand what is included in each link,

    Anyway, now that you have used the crib for some time, how have you found it? Any safety issues so far? Any quality issues or regrets?

    Thank you in advance

    1. admin says:

      I don’t see any quality issues with it, but in terms of bedding it is very difficult to obtain, or you could just custom bedsheets or put a long sheet over it to cover the mattress and tuck in the ends.
      Safety issues is really dependent on the baby I feel. My baby is quite active and likes to roll around so a cot is too small for her to sleep or play in – we use it mostly to put her down temporarily while we get something done. I find that if you don’t use the bumpers, active babies can turn and flip towards the slats and get stuck there but this is the case with all cots.

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