Christine is a full-time working mother to Baobao (born September 2017). Although she did not become a scientist, quantum physicst or archaeologist, she ended up in the creative industry. She is a poppy, married to a poppy husband, raising a poppy child.

The (possibly but more probably) high needs, gifted, poppy child

This blog:
While it originally started out as a blog about finding deals to counter the cost of living and raising a child, things changed along the way after Baobao was born. After she started displaying qualities of a high-needs baby in the first month, spiritedness soon after, and giftedness by 10 months, the challenges of finding information, resources and people to talk to were apparent. This blog now serves to inform and share about the challenges of high needs, spiritedness, and day-to-day life raising a gifted child while erasing the stigma of the g-word.