Baby Personality

Playing Pranks (15 months)

The first time I remembered her playing a prank was somewhere around 6-8 months. While sitting against my mum’s legs as she was lying down, Baobao decided to squirm, toss and turn very quickly, almost violently. I told her not to do that as she might injure her neck.

Within seconds, she flopped in a ragdoll position, limbs dangling, head tilted to the side, staring blankly into the distance while remaining on my mum’s lap.

We panicked and called out to her as she remained in that position without moving. I was almost convinced that something had happened to her. Pleased with our response, she sat up and grinned having accomplished her act.

I guessed it was a one-off thing until recently when she decided to pull a stunt again. I passed her a coin sized cardboard disc to fiddle with and looked away once my mum came to give her breakfast.

Within minutes I heard Baobao gasping and gagging. I turned to see her clutching her throat continuing with the noises and asked her “Where is the paper? Baby what happened?”. She made a chewing motion and continued the gagging and clutching as my mum looked on and said simply.

“The paper is on the floor. She’s just pretending.”

At this, Baobao stopped her act and laughed at me. Toddlers…

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