Baby Subscription Box

Bluum Baby Box (June 2017) Newborn 1 month old

Well what do we have in store for a 1 month old baby?

Bluum 1 month old box contents

Five items this month in the Bluum Box, of which only two are for Baobao ????.

Bluum 1 month old box Fresh Wave

1) Fresh Wave Fresh Pod – retails for US$5.99/S$8.60

I wish I knew where to stick this. It’s a very strange scent. We pretty much have scented or odourless rooms throughout the house with the exception of the kitchen sink which I can never get over. It could just be the garbage disposal bag? Maybe I will try one there.

Bluum 1 month old box insect repellent

2) Oilogic Bug Bites & Itches Essential Oil Roll-out – Retails for US$9.99/S$14.45

Husband knew what this was before we opened the box and unwrapped the paper tissue. The unmistakable scent of lemon oil wafted through – the kind that you know is definitely a baby/child safe insect repellent.

Though with the Zika scare last year, we had already stocked up on Repel Lemon, Sawyer Picaridin & Chagrin Valley Bug Repellent. The good news is, with a total of 10 bottlee now, we’re well stocked for the outdoors and have ready bottles for any parent friends with kiddos.

Bluum 1 month old make up remover

3) Klorane Eye Make-up Remover Gel – retails for US$16.00/SG$23.00

I have sensitive eyes and hate when I have to scrub very hard to remove eye makeup. Not sure if this is supposed to be some sort of pampering item? Maybe for tired mummies who need to conceal their panda eyes and remove their masks later. I have gone makeup free for a long time now save for events and business meetings so it will probably be a while before I get around to using this.

Bluum 1 month old calcium

4) Viactiv Calcium Chews – retails for US$20.95/S$30

“Ooh chocolate!” you say. I’m guessing calcium is still important post-partum to help with mummies bones and milk production. Husband ate some and said they tasted terrible. I am temporarily deterred from trying it. To me, supplements should go down quick and easy instead of lingering in my mouth like a bad taste.

5) Wee Gallery Stroller Cards – I See – retails for US$12.95/S$18

Love these! The stroller cards are so adorable and will hopefully keep Baobao entertained on her rides out once she’s here.  My only worry is how long the cards would last once mixed with little baby saliva and drool.

Amount Spent:
US$29/S$42 per month for a 6-month subscription
S$16.86 shipping to Singapore via forwarder


Actual Value:

A little bit lesser in terms of value as compared to the 1st month box but still acceptable.

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